REVIEW: We Watched The Documentary On Epstein And ‘Victoria’s Secret’ — It Was Terrible


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Victoria’s Secret: Angels And Demons” is the last thing you should be watching this weekend, or ever.

The show advertised itself as being an exposé on the relationship between the global lingerie brand and notorious sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. But what we actually got was a glorified college seminar on the formation of the brand and a ten-minute dismissal of any deep ties between the brand and Epstein at the end of each episode.

In fact, the second episode just replayed the same talking head interview with a former Victoria’s Secret employee where she all but suggests that Victoria’s Secret founder Leslie Wexner was being blackmailed by Epstein. Evidently Epstein used to tell women that he was a talent scout for the lingerie brand as a means of luring them into sexual favors (SHOCK! Said no one, ever), allegedly getting away with it because of the huge financial power he held over Wexner.

The only interesting part of what I managed to sit through was the macro-influence that Wexner’s clothing empire had on early 2000s adolescent Americans. He was clearly a business expert, owning and building something like 2,700 women’s clothing stores, according to Bloomberg.

The women behind and in front of the camera of the brand decried the negative psychological impact that the angels had on “real” women, as if that was unknown to basically everyone. (RELATED: REPORT: Prince Andrew Settles Child Sex Assault Lawsuit Out Of Court)

You can watch the trailer here, but I highly recommend doing literally anything else with your time:

Overall, the show was academic with moments of staggering monotony broken up by the angels dancing around in their underwear. There was a whole segment on the wings worn on the runway at the once-celebrated, briefly woke, and now-cancelled Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show … perhaps this information is interesting to someone, but I’d rather pick my nose than sit through another minute of this drivel.