‘Another Day In San Francisco’: Video Shows Chillest Smash-And-Grab Ever


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Libs of TikTok shared a video Sunday of a very relaxed smash-and-grab robbery reportedly taking place in San Francisco.

Three men were filmed stealing possessions from a white van by a bystander in a short clip shared to Twitter. The person filming is inside of a car behind the assailant’s vehicle, and is presumably the person holding down their horn as the men calmly continue their robbery.

At one point, one of the assailant’s pants fell down, almost to his knees. He and his friends carry out the robbery, seemingly unfazed by the extensive honking and their friend’s fashion catastrophe.

As they finally drive away, a passerby attempts to kick the car. “Just another day in San Francisco,” Libs of TikTok captioned the video.

And it really is just another day in the California city. Gone are the days when you could safely wander the gorgeous streets of San Francisco. Now, they’re covered in filth, bodies, and crime. (RELATED: You Guys, Elite Media Has A New Euphemism For Rich White People!)

It’s no wonder that so many people are fleeing this once perfect pedestrian metropolis. The biggest pull of San Francisco used to be safety, but now it’s ranked one of the “worst-run” cities in the country.