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ANALYSIS: ‘They See Us As Tacos’: Democrats Lash Out After Losing Key Demographic


Sarah Weaver Staff Writer
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“The Trump age has given rise to a new brand of Texas Republicans, one of whom is already walking the halls of Congress: the far-right Latina,” wrote the New York Times weeks after Latina Republican Mayra Flores made history as the first Mexican-born congresswoman.

Flores, who campaigned on the slogan “God, Family, Country,” had just become only the second Republican to represent the Rio Grande Valley.

The NYT article also profiled Texas congressional candidates Monica De La Cruz and Cassy Garcia in their article on “The Rise of the Far-Right Latina.”

“But what is most striking is that Ms. Flores won by shunning moderates, embracing the far right and wearing her support for Donald J. Trump on her sleeve — more Marjorie Taylor Greene than Kay Bailey Hutchison,” the Times wrote. (RELATED: ‘They Just Use Immigrants For Political Power’: Texas Rep Mayra Flores Has Warning For Democrats)

“It amazes me that because my values are rooted in God, Family, and Country, the liberal media takes it upon themselves to attack me and label me ‘far-right,’” Flores wrote on Twitter responding to the article.

“But at least they used the word ‘Latina’ over their other made-up terms,” Flores added, referring to the gender neutral term “Latinx,” a favorite of the woke left, but one that only 2% of Hispanics use.

Democrats have been losing ground with Latino voters for some time now. Biden’s approval rating is at 26% among Hispanic voters, compared with a 32% approval rating among white voters, according to a Quinnipiac poll. A New York Times/Siena College poll of registered voters found that 63% of Hispanics strongly or somewhat disapprove of Biden’s job as president. Former President Donald Trump improved his support with Latino voters between the 2016 and 2020 elections, The Washington Post reported. (RELATED: ‘Life Hasn’t Improved’: Hispanic GOP Candidate Says Democrats Have Made Things Worse For Latino Voters)

Perhaps one of the most ludicrous examples of the legacy media’s meltdown over Hispanics’ shift from the Democratic to the Republican Party came from Axios. An article from March of this year discussed, “The rise of white nationalist Hispanics.”

Rather than rethinking their woke policy agenda, leftists are doubling down, claiming that Hispanics who don’t vote for them actually harbor some racist resentment.

Leftist attempts at reaching out to Latino voters have turned embarrassing. Jill Biden’s infamous comments comparing Hispanics to tacos drew widespread anger from Latino Republicans.

“They don’t see us as Americans,” Representative Flores said in July, responding to Jill Biden’s comments that Hispanics were as “unique” as “breakfast tacos.”

“They see us as tacos. That’s exactly how they see us. And we’re proud Americans, and they only are doing this to get our vote,” Flores said in a speech.

Danielle Alvarez, communications director for the GOP, echoed Flores saying that the First Lady’s comment is, “a window into how Democrats view Hispanics.”

But leftists appear to be only doubling down on their incredibly unpopular pandering to the Latino community. The Hill wrote on Twitter that the GOP was going to “steal” Hispanic votes from Democrats, as if the left was entitled to these votes by default.

Giancarlo Sopo, a descendent of Cuban exiles, told Fox News that this “once in a generation type of political realignment,” has to do with how out-of-touch Democrats are with the values of average Latino voters.

“Elites have taken over the party, and it’s difficult to find groups that are more different than a woke White Democrat and your average Hispanic,” Sopo said, according to Fox News. (RELATED: IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Why Hispanics And Latinos Are Shifting Right)

But Democrats don’t appear to have learned their lesson from this ongoing political realignment. Instead of shifting their message to be less woke and elitist, Democrats are telling Hispanic voters that they are actually far-right — that they are, in fact, the real racists.