Off-Duty Firefighter Catches Baby Dropped From Second Floor Window


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An off-duty firefighter caught a baby who was dropped from a second-floor window Sunday in Boston.

The baby suffered no injuries after being caught by the off-duty Boston firefighter, who ran to the home early Sunday morning as the fire broke out, CBS Boston reported. The child’s parents are in the hospital.

Resident Anderson Centeno told NBC Boston that his mother, Luzmar Centeno, started screaming to wake up the family around 7 am when the fire began. The back unit of the multi-family caught fire and is where the neighbor saw the woman hanging out of the window with her infant, according to CBS.

“The woman dropped the baby to him. She jumped out the window. Now he has to decide to put the fire out, but again, his family’s still in the building,” firefighter Brian Alkins told CBS.

The off-duty firefighter subsequently helped the woman and her husband get out of the burning home before he ran back into his unit to get his own wife and infant child out, CBS reported. (RELATED: Fire Dept. Declare UCSB Party ‘Multi-Casualty Incident’)

The off-duty firefighter said he doesn’t want his name out in the public, CBS reported.

No firefighter injuries were reported at the scene, Firefighter Magazine noted.