Former Grace Church School Teacher Exposes ‘DragTivity’ Book Available To Kids In Schools


Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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Some schools within the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) reportedly expose young kids to gender ideology and drag queen-inspired coloring books, according to a former educator at an elite private school in New York City.

Grace Church School, an elite New York City school, reportedly hosted a virtual Drag Queen Story Hour with “Drag Story Hour NYC” and its affiliate “Sez Me,” according to a report from former Grace Church School employee Paul Rossi. The NAIS-affiliated school reportedly promoted the “DragTivity Book” for kids.

Grace Church School reportedly hosted the drag performer “Cholula Lemon” to read the book “Neither,” by Airlie Anderson. “Neither” promotes the idea that the gender binary is outdated.

Rossi claims that a litany of elite private schools affiliated with the NAIS partner with “Drag Story Hour,” including Chapin, The Dalton School, Berkeley Carroll, Saint Ann’s, and Poly Prep Country Day. These schools do not offer an explicit endorsement or partnership with the NYC-based drag queen organization. (RELATED: Schools District Provides ‘Queer All School Year’ Calendar For Year-Round LGBT Lessons)

“Sez Me,” a partner with Drag Story Hour NYC, created and promoted a coloring book designed to “teach kids about gender, drag, and pronouns,” according to the self-described “Drag therapist” who created the book.

The book features “20 fabulous pages” and “gives kids an introduction to the art of drag to helps [sic] them unpack stereotypes and see beyond the gender binary in the world around them.” The book’s author said that the activity is designed to “teach kids about gender, drag, and pronouns.”

In a video unpacking the “DragTivity Book,” the author says he addresses kids as “berries,” so they do not feel the pressure to conform to the “gender binary.”

“There’s not just boys and girls. There’s boys, girls, and everything in between,” the author said.

The “DragTivity Book” teaches kids about the use of “neo-pronouns” such as “ze/zir” and “ey/em,” according to the video. Kids are also encouraged to participate in drag, though the description of dressing in “drag” mimics the description of playing dress-up around the house. Examples of drag-inspired clothing include tiaras, wigs, and animal ears.

“Therz so many ways to DRAG. Therz drag queens, drag kings, drag creatures, and everything in between! If you want to start doing DRAG, all you need is one thing that makes you feel happy and inspired,” the book reads.

Rossi concludes that the schools are promoting this ideology and gaslighting parents who believe the content is inappropriate for school-aged children.

“Many private school parents are through with being gaslit that drag culture is somehow appropriate for children,” the former educator concludes.

Grace Church School and the National Association of Independent Schools did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.