As If Times Weren’t Scary Enough, Now Sinkholes Are Swallowing Vans In NYC


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A massive sinkhole opened Monday in the Bronx, swallowing a parked van.

Footage of the van disappearing into the sinkhole was caught by CBS News. The hole is estimated to be three car-lengths long, and may have been caused by torrential rain and storms in the Morris Park neighborhood, the outlet noted.

Much of the greater New York area was brought to a standstill as subways flooded and residents were left without access to water, CBS continued. Highways, streets and subway stations throughout the Tri-State area were hit hardest, with 14 inches of water drowning the Dyckman Street A line station, ABC 7 reported.

It’s unclear to what extent the heavy rain contributed to the formation of the sinkhole, but it began to sink during the storm and progressively became worse throughout the evening, the Department of Environmental Protection noted, according to CBS. (RELATED: ‘The Runway Has Melted’: UK Is Falling Apart In Record Heatwave)

The van belonged to local resident Tony Papadodoulous, who told CBS, “I’m alright. I’m alright. Lose the van. Lose the van. I’m alive.” Neighbors told investigators this is the block’s second sinkhole in under a year, CBS reported.

“It happened Aug. 15 and it took them three months for them to fix the work and we didn’t have water. Now, we’re gonna have no water, of course,” one neighbor told the outlet. No one was hurt after Monday night’s incident.