Violent Daylight Robbery Caught On Camera In Greenwich, Connecticut


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A woman was assaulted and robbed Monday when she left a store in downtown Greenwich, Connecticut.

Video of the assault robbery shows a man in a pink jacket violently shoving and stealing something from a woman. He then takes off running down the street as onlookers scream, and another man chases him and tackles him to the ground. The thief escapes the would-be hero and walks away from the scene.

“Greenwich is a safe community. There’s a lot of trust and affection between our police departments and the community. This assault and robbery is a wake-up call,” Republican Connecticut state Rep. Kimberly Fiorello told the Daily Caller in an exclusive comment. “A lot of the perpetrators of crime here are from outside of the town and outside of the state. I’ve spoken to police officers about the rise. This is the overflow of crime from the Adams administration in New York City.”

Earlier in July, Greenwich was ranked one of Connecticut’s 10 safest communities by Safewise, Patch reported. The state as a whole is ranked fourth-lowest in violent crime out of all 50 states, but it has experienced one of the largest increases in property crime since the start of 2022, the outlet noted. (RELATED: Six Major US Cities Report Historic Increases In Violent Crime)

“[The rise in crime] matters to all of the communities around New York City,” Fiorello continued. “Morale is low among police right now. They’re having a hard time recruiting. Greenwich is understaffed. This professional, honorable career is no longer attractive to people.”

Fiorello noted that “everyone” is talking about Monday’s assault and robbery. The victim had reportedly gone into a local Apple store to pick something up, and was attacked from behind as she left. “What happened [Monday] is scary,” Fiorello said. “It’s very alarming.”

Thieves are targeting the state’s automobiles too. High-end car thefts are becoming so frequent that local detective Anthony Fiscella called the area “plagued” in an interview with Greenwich Time. In June, a woman attempted to rob a clothing shop, according to Patch. When her reported attempts were foiled by bystanders, she allegedly hit them with an SUV and flashed a handgun at police before fleeing the scene, the outlet continued.

“This is Greenwich, CT. All these soft-on-crime, ivory tower liberals are starting to see the effects of their policies in their own front yard now,” Greenwich resident and Newsmax host Carl Higbie told the Daily Caller. “I, for one, am always ready to defend myself. Are they?”