Actress Says Schwarzenegger ‘Deliberately Farted In My Face’

REUTERS/Lisi Niesner

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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This news might blow everyone away: actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been accused of “deliberately” farting in the face of actress Miriam Margolyes while filming a movie in 1999.

Margolyes alleged the famed actor farted in her face while the pair filmed the 1999 horror “End of Days,” while speaking on the “I’ve Got News For You” podcast. (RELATED: Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells Russians To Cut Through The ‘Propaganda’ And See ‘The Truth’ Of The Ukraine Invasion)

“[I] didn’t care for him; he’s a bit too full of himself,” Margolyes said. “He farted in my face. Now, I fart, of course I do — but I don’t fart in people’s faces. He did it deliberately, right in my face.”

“I was playing Satan’s sister, and he was killing me, so he had me in a position where I couldn’t escape and lying on the floor. And he just farted,” she claimed.

“It wasn’t on film, it was in one of the pauses, but I haven’t forgiven him for it,” the actress continued.

This isn’t the first time Margolyes alleged that an actor has odor issues. She recently claimed that Leonardo DiCaprio “was a bit smelly.”

“He was a bit smelly because it was very hot in Mexico, and young boys don’t make themselves fragrant, they don’t wash all the bits,” she claimed.