Top Michigan Democrat Allegedly Used Brain-Damaged Old Lady To Defraud Insurance

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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The treasurer for the Michigan Democratic Party allegedly falsified records connected to the care of an elderly woman with brain damage to bill an insurance company improperly.

Traci Kornak, a licensed attorney, is being accused of intimidating employees at a Michigan nursing home into using her brain-damaged client’s account to help her allegedly commit insurance fraud, the Detroit News reported.

Chief executive of The Village of Heather Hills Joe LeBlanc told the outlet that he has documents that show Kornak used her powerful connections to allegedly create a new employee paper trail using the nursing home’s invoicing services.

LeBlanc said that Kornak, acting as the woman’s guardian, allegedly sent these invoices, along with other correspondence, to State Farm, the woman’s insurance company, claiming the additional care for her client costs almost $50,000 over two years, the outlet reported.

“What would you call it? Kornak used our tax ID number. She used someone else’s billing system. She told the insurance company that her handpicked caregiver was our employee when she wasn’t,” LeBlanc told the Detroit News.

LeBlanc said a letter he obtained a letter from Kornak to State Farm, where she claims to have hired the extra caregiver through Heather Hills after another health care provider, Best Care Nursing, was experiencing a staffing shortage, the outlet reported.

Marc Kidder, a lawyer for Heather Hills, told the outlet the nursing home never gave Kornak permission to use its tax ID number. Kidder also denies hiring the extra attendant in Kornak’s letter, the Detroit News reported.

LeBlanc became concerned something wasn’t right in November 2021 after he questioned Kornak over Heather Hills receiving a $23,401.05 check from State Farm, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Michigan AG Dana Nessel Calls For ‘A Drag Queen For Every School’ During Woke Conference)

“I asked Kornak, ‘What was the meaning of all this?’ She asked me to just cash it, and then she said she’d pay us a little money for the trouble,” LeBlanc told the Detroit News.

The Federal Election Commission found Kornak, in her official capacity as treasurer of the Michigan Democratic Party, guilty in Oct. 2021 of failing to disclose over $25,000 sent to the party from the Slotkin Victory Fund.

The FEC imposed a $19,000 fine on the state Democratic Party for the violation.