Did ‘Yellowstone’ Drop A Major Spoiler Years Ago That We’ve Ignored Until Now?

Yellowstone (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/Yellowstone/status/1544335300859572224 and Paramount Network)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Yellowstone” might have dropped a serious spoiler on how this epic saga ends… years ago!

Look at these two images below, and tell me the difference between them. (Hint: they are not the same photograph), as noted by Taste of Country.


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The official “Yellowstone” Instagram account used the first image was used to promote the Season 3 soundtrack for the show, posting it in August 2020. That’s about 100 weeks ago, as of the time of writing, just to give you some context.

All fans of “Yellowstone” have seen this promotional photograph. It’s beautiful, dark, brooding and shows the true heirs to Dutton Ranch in all of their glory. Now, look at the image used by Variety to promote the show in the lead-up to the Emmys and awards season.

What’s different in these two photos? Or rather, who is missing from one of these photographs? Please don’t keep reading unless you want to potentially spoil the conclusion to “Yellowstone” for yourself, even though I could be wrong. (RELATED: ‘Yellowstone’ Star Leaks Details On Season Five)

So, are we thinking that Beth Dutton will finally have it her way in Season 5? Is she finally going to drop Jamie Dutton off at the train station? The eldest and adopted son of the Dutton family is conspicuously missing from the older promotional material.

Is Taylor Sheridan ready to let go of the suit-wearing crybaby once and for all? While most viewers can’t stand Jamie Dutton, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching his story play out in a heartbreaking fashion.

He encapsulates everything that is wrong with the modern world. He wears those stupid suits, is a professional politician and looks like he’s playing dress-up whenever he tries on a cowboy hat. Still, his juxtaposition with his surroundings kept just enough of a discord with the show to keep us on our toes.

But is John Dutton really ready to bury his son? He is still his son, even if not biologically. I guess we’ll have to find out after the two-part season concludes sometime in 2023.