A Fan Grabbed Machine Gun Kelly’s Junk During Concert


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Machine Gun Kelly appears to have been violated by a fan while performing live Thursday at the Moda Center in Portland Oregon as part of his Mainstream Sellout tour.

Newly-released video footage shows a fan touching Machine Gun Kelly, then wrapping his arms around him before making a grab at his junk, according to TMZ. The fan appears to have gotten a good grip of the singer’s crotch before he was pushed back, reported the outlet.

The video shows Machine Gun Kelly making his way up into the seats to get up close and personal with his fans while belting out a song, but then things took a turn, TMZ reported. He was in the middle of performing for the packed crowd when a male fan appears in the frame and begins to grab the artist and grope him.

The fan’s efforts to take a selfie with Machine Gun Kelly seemed to fail, and the singer tried to break away from his constant touching and grabbing. The video appears to show the man holding tighter around Kelly’s waist and grabbing a handful of the star’s crotch. (RELATED: ‘I Put The Shotgun In My Mouth’: Machine Gun Kelly’s Suicide Attempt While Talking To Megan Fox)

Machine Gun Kelly swatted him away and managed to step in a different direction to create distance between himself and the unwanted touching from this unidentified fan.

Someone else, who may have been a security team member, also came to Machine Gun Kelly’s aid and helped to push the man back, according to TMZ.

The show went on without further incident.