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Phillip Kramer goes on an impulsive shopping spree and purchases two supercars

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Success, thy name is shopping. This dictum might ring true for some more than for others. But it’ll be especially true if you are Miami-based serial entrepreneur Phillip Kramer. Phillip, who turned his life around from being a furniture delivery guy to becoming his boss and slated to earn his first ever 8-figure, has made news by purchasing two supercars on an impulse. Let’s try to understand the man behind the inspiration a little better, shall we?

Phillip Kramer’s parents migrated to America, hoping for a better future. They left the comfort of familiarity, friends, and all that they had ever known to bring their children into an environment that allows for their potential to stand out. Talking about his parents, Phillip says, “It was hard on them to leave everything they ever loved behind. But they were all about the future and had the foresight to see that the world would abound with opportunities that’ll make America their testing ground. And that in order to make the most of those opportunities, one would do better to be on American soil. I value their sacrifice as it has indeed sculpted my destiny and made me who I am. Although it’s taken a lot of hard work and persistence to get here, I owe it all to them. Today, I’m in a position to purchase supercars on impulse. This is not something I could have ever dreamed of. But when you work hard from your heart, the rewards are often beyond one’s imagination.”

Although a serial entrepreneur now, Phillip has had a good run in the corporate hallways too. He has been a general manager, vice president, and managing director in one of Asia’s leading corporate sectors with over 5000 employees under him. This experience has indeed helped him to derive great practical values. According to Phillip, “The corporate world was like a school. The world of entrepreneurship is the world itself. And I always benefit greatly from the tips I picked up in the corporate world.”

Here’s wishing Phillip a great time with his supercars.

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