Police Shoot And Detain Woman Who Opened Fire At Dallas Airport


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A woman is in custody after opening fire at Dallas Love Field airport Monday, Police Chief Eddie Garcia has confirmed.

An unidentified 37-year-old woman pulled out a handgun and opened fire at the airport ceiling at around 11 a.m., Garcia said in an update, according to the New York Post. The woman allegedly entered the bathroom and changed into a sweatshirt before exiting and opening fire, Garcia said in the update.

“She produce[d] a handgun and start[ed] firing,” Garica continued. A police officer who was already in the airport at the time “engaged” with the woman, according to Garcia’s statement. She was then “shot in the lower extremities” and taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital for treatment, Garcia said.

Garcia assured the general public that the situation was under control. “This is not an active situation,” he said while speaking outside the airport.

“We want to make sure our community knows that there are no other passengers, family members or people in the airport that are victims,” Garcia added. (RELATED: Officers Trying To Perform Life-Saving Measures On Gunshot Victims Met By ‘Hostile Crowd,’ Police Say)

An eyewitness named Judy Rawle was at the airport with her grandson. She spoke about her experience during the incident with KDFW, according to the New York Post. After hearing someone yelling, she said, “We looked up and we saw her walking down with guns up.”

“And after talking with someone else, she was upset because her husband had got fired from somewhere and she was gonna start shooting us,” Rawle added, according to the New York Post. Rawle described the woman as being dressed in all-black clothing, and she estimates roughly eight to 12 shots were fired.