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Artificial intelligence’s impact on the human race

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Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI, can be thought of as the ability and capacity of a machine to carry out tasks other than humans or even animals can. Artificial Intelligence, in particular, is an innovation making its way into the general public as technology advances rapidly. The creation of tools and devices has made difficult tasks much easier since the dawn of mankind.

Modern people may not even realize it, but every human being is surrounded by artificial intelligence in their daily lives. Artificial Intelligence is used is mobile app, e-commerce website and even in online games such as casino. As a result, everyday devices incorporate technologies like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. AI can predict certain things with specific purposes, from spelling words to even a person’s next grocery list. AI may also be used to manufacture self-driving cars shortly, eliminating drivers’ needs.

Artificial Intelligence: Is It A Dangerous Thing?

Most people are concerned about the economic disruption because of the technological advancements in artificial intelligence. It is common for many people to work manual jobs, and if machines already automate them, many people would be without work. When it comes to innovation, people are often filled with fear when talking about this subject matter, which is why fear is often the go-to reaction for people. There is a possibility that people have already felt the effects of AI on modern society in a subtler way. There is no doubt that automation is the enemy of skilled workers. Although the term “dangerous” is arbitrary, it can also be viewed as dangerous given the current state of the world in which we are living, given the current state of the world.

First, the purpose of artificial intelligence is to make life more comfortable, faster, and convenient. It is important to note, however, that AI is not foolproof. It is possible to hack something that has been programmed or to infect it with malware. AI can be compromised by a skilled third party, such as automatic flagging systems, anti-virus software, and automated systems when used by a user who knows how to understand the security measures, and developers should be mindful of these measures when creating AI creations. In the past few decades, automated weapons have been used in many parts of the world. Nuclear weapons are available to different governments worldwide, and they can fire accurately at a certain location at a single command in some countries. There is a potential impact on the safety and security of modern society if Artificial Intelligence systems are programmed to replace human decisions with algorithms and patterns, which could result in extreme risks to society.

Additionally, artificial intelligence has gone beyond just coding and numbers to facial recognition and reconstruction. The lack of human intervention in programming these artificial systems can create a dangerous environment in terms of knowing cynical and honest information. In the last few years, there has been a proliferation of deep fake software, and the advancement of technology has made some of these deep fake software indistinguishable from reality. In recent years, artificial intelligence has been able to reproduce and reconstruct even sounds and images.

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Impact of artifice intelligence in a positive way

AI can have sentience and self-consciousness, but this is not very applicable in practice. Humans program a machine to do tasks that do not require self-awareness around them. Automated machines are not required to be self-conscious when doing simple tasks. The invention of super-advanced machines for simple tasks is not an invention of scientists, engineers, or inventors, and although it is possible, it is not essential. It is not needed. Furthermore, it is very costly to do something without immediate implications for the task at hand. Turrets, weapons, guns, drones, ships, and other systems have been automated for years. It is questionable why companies and manufacturers should try to make a fully conscious AI that could accomplish such a simple and very specific task. It is still possible for AI to go against the decision of the human pilot/user, but it is not like what happens in movies and is more likely like when a map app changes routes for traffic reasons rather than the case in movies.


Unlike human beings, machines have no instincts of their own and only follow instructions that they were programmed to follow. Whether people advance technology for the greater good, for their gain, or for their destruction, people should be afraid of people with advanced technologies. Currently, there is no need to be concerned about artificial intelligence. It is important to note that certain laws and ethics deal with these things. As far as advanced AI is concerned, developers are taking all the necessary steps to ensure they do not attempt to make malicious decisions independently without all the necessary precautions.

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