Cop Once Featured On Reality TV Show Loses Badge After Bodycam Catches Her Saying N-Word During Meltdown

Rose Valentino/WLWT/YouTube

Alexander Pease Contributor
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A Cincinnati police officer who was a regular on the TLC reality TV show “Police Women of Cincinnati” was stripped of her badge for saying the n-word during a meltdown caught on a body camera.

Rose Valentino, 44, was caught on her own bodycam back in April saying “Fucking n*****, I fucking hate them!” while punching the steering wheel of a squad car, NBC News reported Tuesday.


Valentino is currently on “desk duty” and has been stripped of her police powers as a result of the rant, according to WLWT.

Valentino was reportedly already frustrated because a line of cars picking up students at a local high school failed to pull over after she turned her lights and sirens on, according to the outlet.

A black student walked by the police car and gave Valentino the middle finger, prompting the officer to use the racial slur in turn.

The bodycam footage sparked an internal probe within the department, which led to Valentino’s termination. (RELATED: Caught On Bodycam: Officer Saves Woman From Fiery Car)

Valentino told internal investigators that she does not use racial slurs on a regular basis but rather the outburst was a result of her having challenges with handling stress after years on the force, according to NBC News. (RELATED: North Carolina Town’s Entire Police Force Resigns, Citing ‘Hostile Work Environment’)

“Police Women of Cincinnati” aired in 2011 and produced a single season focusing on female officers in the line of duty in the Cincinnati area, according to IMDb.


The reality TV show was part of an installment by TLC called “Police Women,” which debuted in 2009 and featured female police officers in the line of duty. The network dedicated a full season to women in uniform in several cities, according to TV Guide. The last season of the series aired in 2011.