‘Goonies’ Shipwreck Discovered Off West Coast


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Archaeologists recently discovered the remains of a shipwreck believed to have inspired the cult-classic film “The Goonies.”

Volunteers unearthed more than 20 pieces of wood from a cave off the coast of Oregon in June, which turned out to be from the wreckage of a Spanish galleon called the Santo Cristo de Burgos, CNN reported. The wreck, also known as the Beeswax Wreck, went missing after leaving Manila in 1693, according to the Maritime Archaeological Society.

Locals reportedly found cargo washed ashore near Oregon after the ship disappeared, some of which included the chunks of beeswax that gave the wreck its nickname, CNN continued. Modern researchers believe the ship capsized near Astoria, Oregon while on its way from the Philippines to Acapulco, Mexico, the outlet noted. (RELATED: ‘Frozen In Time’: Scientists Make Huge 2,100-Year-Old Discovery In Israel)

While the ship may not have been full of gold treasure, the location and mystery surrounding the fate of the Santo Cristo de Burgos may have inspired Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus’ plotline for the hit film “The Goonies,” CNN argued. The movie follows a group of young teenage friends in Astoria as they embark on a journey to find long-lost pirate treasure, according to Warner Brothers.

The film launched the careers of Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman and more, according to its IMDB page. It also created the dance known as the “truffle shuffle” and one of the best known quotes, “Hey you guys!” the IMDB page continued.