Rep. Ayanna Pressley Says Gun Manufacturers Incite Violence Against Black People, Uphold White Supremacy

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley claimed Wednesday that gun manufacturers are “inciting violence” against black people while upholding white supremacy.

While speaking at a congressional hearing on firearm manufacturers, Pressley alleged gun manufacturers sell “weapons of war to anyone who wants them” and rake in profits at the expense of communities “forced to deal with the consequences of their greed.” She also alleged that gun manufacturers use “marketing tactics that spread white supremacy and embolden far-right extremist groups.”

Pressley then referenced an ad that was displayed at a National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) conference in 2018. She falsely claimed the ad was “promoted” by the NSSF. Senior adviser at the Giffords Law Center Ryan Busse clarified that the ad displayed at the conference was not from the NSSF but rather from an AR-15 company.

The ad depicts members of ANTIFA clad in black confronting a group of armed men holding AR-15’s. The ad says “not today ANTIFA” and lists the cities Berkeley, California; Portland, Oregon; Charlottesville, Virginia; and Boston. (RELATED: ‘That’s The Point’: Rep. Nadler Admits Bill Will Confiscate Guns In ‘Common Use’)

Pressley then questioned NSSF Board of Governors member Marty Daniels followed by Sturm, Ruger & Company President and CEO Christopher Killoy about the ad. Daniels, Killoy and Busse told Pressley repeatedly that the ad was not sponsored by the NSSF, but that the NSSF hosts a trade show and the company displayed the ad on their own.

“I think the point still remains. As long as gun manufacturers have immunity to sell their weapons of war using harmful marketing tactics, black and brown communities will continue to be targeted and that has got to change. In the face of white supremacy, my neighbors and I are undeterred in the pursuit of healing and the true justice, and we will not let gunmakers incite violence against us with impunity,” Pressley said.