Your Blood Will Run Cold Watching The Trailer For ‘I Just Killed My Dad’


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The trailer for Netflix’s next true crime documentary dropped Thursday, and it looks like the creepiest, most confusing series yet.

The story centers on Anthony Templet, who was 17 when he shot and killed his father during an altercation in June 2019. Though Templet pled no contest to a negligent homicide charge and was sentenced to five years of supervised probation with credit for time served, according to WAFB, this is clearly not a cut-and-dry story of domestic violence.

The trailer starts almost like any other true crime ad: one woman crying over the death of Burt Templet, another suggesting that the younger Templet cannot feel empathy. It touches upon other notes of the story, including Templet’s explanation as to why he killed his father.

Shockingly, it then pans to Templet himself, who argues that he “shouldn’t be charged with anything because [he] didn’t do anything wrong.” As the story unfolds, it’s clear that Templet’s childhood was absolutely nothing that any child should ever have to go through. (RELATED: There’s No Way You Can Watch This Trailer Without Sending Your Pulse Through The Roof)

The series premieres on Aug. 9, according to the promotional materials. It’s the latest documentary to come from the same director as “The Girl in The Picture,” possibly the most unsettling true crime story of all time.