‘Remarkable Record’: Axios Co-Founder Says Biden Is Doing A Great Job, Compares Him To Reagan

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Axios co-founder Mike Allen said Monday on MSNBC that President Joe Biden actually has a “remarkable record” despite record-low approval ratings.

Allen claimed Biden has not been getting enough credit for his “America first, populist streak” of policies and instead blamed the administration for poorly communicating its wins.

“So we just saw the new investments in chip-making in the U.S. Early, big investments in the U.S. capacity to make vaccines, get ready for the next threat. Of course, the infrastructure bill. And the interesting twist to this, Jonathan, is that there is an America first, populist streak to this. That is more oil drilling, here! Making more vaccines, here!” Allen said.

“With a possible victory coming up, more clean energy, here! And possibly the biggest in history. Now, asterisk to this, is so far, President Biden doesn’t seem to be getting a whole lot of credit for this. He hasn’t explained it as well as he could. But when you add it up, it is a remarkable record,” Allen continued.

Allen then discussed an Axios report in which a top Biden confidant compared the Biden administration to the Reagan administration.

“You and I could say that President Biden has had a series of breaks after not being able to catch a break for a year, everything including baby formula winding up on his desk. The Biden view is that…this is a payoff, a vindication, for playing the long game. So when that confidant said ‘We are Reagan,’ their extension of that was, we had a big plan, and it’s getting in place. And what they say is that President Biden, sticking to his bottom-up, middle-out strategy for the economy, rather than top down, had paid off, that they’ve stuck to that across all of their big issues.”

The Axios report noted how Biden supporters are pointing to a 1982 Washington Post-ABC News poll headlined “Reagan Should Not Seek Second Term, Majority Believes,” after polls indicated 58% did not want Reagan to run again. Reagan had a landslide victory in 1984, winning 49 states and gaining the most electoral votes in history.

Supporters are apparently hoping Biden will be making a similar rebound. (RELATED: The Major Papers Gave Him Glowing Endorsements. How’d That All Play Out?)

Biden’s approval rating hit 31%, according to a recent Quinnipiac poll. Ninety-four percent of Republicans disapprove of Biden’s job as president, while 67% of independents disapprove. Eighteen-percent of Democrats disapprove of Biden’s job as president. A majority of those polled disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, foreign policy, and gun violence, according to the poll.

A USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll released Friday found 50% of all Democrats hope Biden does not seek a second term, while 69% of all voters feel the same.