Woman Placed On Psych Hold After Breaking Into Famous Singer’s Home And Crawling Into His Bed


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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An unidentified 23-year-old woman is in a psychiatric ward after climbing through Daniel Seavey’s window and sleeping in his bed Wednesday night.

The Why Don’t We band member was startled Thursday morning when his surveillance camera alerted his phone to the fact that an unknown woman appeared to be rummaging through the kitchen cabinets, according to TMZ. He later learned she was apparently helping herself to food after spending the night in his bed.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) revealed the woman entered Seavey’s home Wednesday night after crawling through an unlocked window. Seavey was not home at the time, according to TMZ.

Surveillance footage shows the woman arriving to Seavey’s door holding a bouquet of flowers. After apparently realizing the musician wasn’t home, the woman proceeded to climb through a window and seemed to make herself comfortable in his residence, according to TMZ.

Security cameras caught the woman rummaging through Seavey’s closet. She put on the “Free Hoover” hoodie that Seavey had obtained from Drake and Kanye’s concert in December, according to TMZ. The woman then reportedly crawled into Seavey’s bed and slept.

Video captured the woman digging through Seavey’s kitchen cabinets, according to TMZ. At this point, the artist’s security cameras picked up on the movement within his home and notified Seavey, the outlet reported. (RELATED: REPORT: Police Arrest Trespasser On Drake’s Property)

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The LAPD took the woman into custody and placed her on a psych hold, TMZ reported.

Close sources revealed the woman spoke to the police about a tattoo on Seavey’s arm, which depicts a person climbing into a window, and admitted she felt inspired to duplicate the artwork. She believed she and Seavey were meant to be together, according to TMZ.

Criminal charges have not yet been filed, the outlet noted.