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ANALYSIS: Even Democrats’ Media Lap Dogs Are Turning On Them

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Sarah Weaver Staff Writer
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Corporate liberal media outlets — seemingly anxious to do the bidding of the Democratic Party — are noticing that after nearly two years in power, the Biden administration’s promised utopia failed to live up to expectations.

Polls indicate that Americans are more pessimistic than ever about the trajectory of the country. In fact, among Democrats, Biden’s approval is slipping. A January Pew Research Poll found that less than half of self-identified Democrats strongly approve of Biden’s performance as president. Forty percent of the Democrat voters polled either strongly or somewhat disapproved of Biden’s job as president.

The media is taking notice, even disgraced former CNN host Chris Cuomo.

On Monday, Cuomo attacked the January 6 committee, which Democrats see as one of their few chances to save the midterm elections from Republicans. Cuomo accused the committee of playing a “gotcha game,” and “fomenting tension.” Cuomo also said the committee failed to prove criminality for many of those who allegedly planned the riot. (RELATED: ‘I Obsessed Over January 6’: MSNBC Host Frets Trump Will ‘Escape Accountability’)

“There could be crimes, especially on this fugazi election front that we’re just learning about now,” Cuomo said. “Less so I think around the planning and the practical aspects of what happened on January 6. I don’t see that there’s criminality there, at least on what’s been offered. My question is are we really learning enough about what matters or is this starting to play like a gotcha game, like the impeachment?”

Admittedly, Cuomo is currently not in the good graces of liberal media. The former CNN anchor was fired by the network for helping cover up allegations of sexual assault against his brother, then-Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. But while liberal corporate media remains, at times, comically set on spinning things in Biden’s favor, cracks have begun to show in its hitherto almost uniform support for Biden’s agenda. (RELATED: ‘No One Is Being Held Accountable’: Joe Rogan Calls Out The Media’s Fabrication Of The Russia Collusion Narrative)

As inflation reaches new highs and the U.S. reports two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, CNN’s Jake Tapper pressed senior adviser to President Joe Biden Gene Sperling on the White House’s attempt to prove that two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth does not, in fact, constitute a recession. Tapper acknowledged that the White House was “in denial and out of touch” with Americans when it came to the economy.

Even in trying to conduct damage control for Biden’s administration, media personalities have to admit that his job performance has been woefully lackluster. After Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin struck a deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on a climate bill that represented a key part of Biden’s agenda, a panel led by CNN’s Van Jones still took a shot at the president. Biden has had a “pretty successful presidency,” they argued, but only, “if you just erase the past six months of nutty stuff.”

In April, a New York Times opinion columnist predicted a “Biden Blood Bath” in the midterm elections. “How do people feel? They feel stuck and angry, they’re tired and overwhelmed, and that energy is being directed at Biden,” columnist Charles M. Blow wrote at the time.

Even MSNBC chimed in, also predicting a “bloodbath” for Democrats in the midterms. “I have some bad news for Democrats,” Michael Cohen wrote. “As bad as things seem now, they’re almost certainly going to get worse.” Mentioning two abysmal polls for Biden that came on the heels of more bad news from the economy, Cohen wrote that “Democrats would be better off acknowledging the reality that the midterm elections are going to be a bloodbath.” (RELATED: Mainstream Media Finally Recognizes There Might Be Something Wrong With Child Sex Changes)

The Washington Post put it bluntly in another April opinion article. “Bidenism is failing. The question is how badly,” their headline ran.

The architect of the notorious 1619 Project Nikole Hannah Jones chided Biden on Twitter for failing to follow through on promises he made to his voters. “You can’t just fail to do anything they put you in office to do and say save democracy when you won’t take basic steps to save democracy yourself,” she said in April.

DePauw University journalism professor Jeffrey McCall told Fox News in April that the “narrative” about Biden had broken down, and that corporate liberal media was now forced to play catch up to America’s broadly anti-Biden sentiment.

“The establishment media ran for a long time with the narrative that Biden was the stable and seasoned president the nation needed. That narrative broke down long ago in the minds of many Americans, including left-of-center people who voted for Biden,” McCall said. (RELATED: MSNBC Data Guru Delivers Devastating News For Dems About Key Voting Bloc)

“The nation’s economic and international problems have been looming for some time and American citizens have known that,” McCall continued. “The media was late to the party and is just now figuring out that the narrative they’ve been pushing looks pretty hollow to regular Americans who perceive the frail President is not up to the challenges the nation faces.”

You know things don’t look good for Biden and the entire Democrat party when even the media is having a difficult time covering for their fiascos. Heading into the midterms, Biden and the Democrats may have to find out what it’s like to run a campaign without the support of the largest media outlets in the country.