Elderly Asian Woman Beaten, Kicked In The Head By 4 Attackers In San Francisco

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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An elderly Asian woman was severely beaten by four attackers in broad daylight in San Francisco, according to a Monday report.

Mrs. Ren, who was identified only by her last name at the request of her daughter, Mrs. Zheng, had spent the previous two years inside to avoid the coronavirus, according to ABC 7.

When she went outside Sunday evening, Mrs. Ren was reportedly approached by four juveniles who asked her for the time. Mrs. Ren, who does not speak English, showed the attackers her watch and said “five o’clock,” according to the report. That’s when the attack began, she said. (RELATED: Police Indict Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Seven Asian Women In Three-Hour Period)

“They search my body and I quickly realize they’re up to no good,” she said through a translator, according to ABC 7. The suspects then noticed Mrs. Ren’s iPhone 7 and immediately followed her into an elevator after she refused to hand over the device, according to the report.

“They got really mad and pulled me down,” she recounted, according to ABC 7. Graphic video footage showed her getting kicked in the face.

“They used their fist to hit my head multiple times and then they pulled me down and kept kicking me,” she reportedly continued. The woman then tried to find refuge in a hallway but was unable to shut the door, prompting the attackers to return and continue their assault, according to the outlet.

An investigation into the incident remains ongoing.