‘He Shot My Arm Off!’: Elderly Liquor Store Owner Stops Robbery


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Surveillance from the Norco Market & Liquor in Norco, California, captured the moment the elderly owner shot at a would-be robber in the early hours of Sunday.

The footage shows the masked male suspect entering the store with an AR-15-style rifle shortly before 3 a.m. and pointing it directly at the 80-year-old store owner behind the counter, Fox 11 noted. In the footage, the assailant is heard repeatedly telling the owner to put his “hands in the air,” but he is ignored by the owner.

The owner instead grabbed his own shotgun from behind the counter area and fired a single shot at the suspect, hitting him in the arm. The suspect immediately started screaming hysterically and ran out of the store, yelling to another armed suspect, “He shot my arm off! He shot my arm off!”

Surveillance from outside the store showed the first and second suspects getting into a car, which held two other people, according to Fox 11. All four suspects were reportedly later located at a hospital in Southern California, where one was seeking medical treatment for a gunshot wound.

The three other suspects were found inside of a stolen BMW SUV with a number of stolen firearms, the outlet reported. Identified as Justin Johnson, 22, Jamar Williams, 27, and Davon Broadus, 24, the suspects were taken into the Robert Presley Detention Center on charges of robbery and conspiracy, Fox 11 reported.

The primary suspect is reportedly still in the hospital in a critical but stable state, Fox 11 reported. He will be taken to Riverside County jail when he is released, the outlet noted. (RELATED: STUDY: Burglaries Drop In Areas With High Gun Permits)

“In this case, a lawfully armed member of our community prevented a violent crime and ensured their own safety, while being confronted with multiple armed suspects,” Riverside County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.