‘Taking Their Marching Orders From George Soros’: Leo Terrell Accuses Democrats Of Being Bought


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News contributor Leo Terrell let loose Monday on billionaire George Soros during a panel discussion with retired police sergeant Tre Pennie on “Hannity.”

Terrell and Pennie joined Fox News commentator Sean Hannity to discuss the soaring rates of crime felt across the U.S. and the actions taken by city prosecutors that have led to more Democrat-run cities having more homicides per capita than Republican-led jurisdictions.

“There’s a story today about a guy finally getting jail time after getting caught a hundred times. What are they thinking here?” Hannity asked Terrell in a clip shared on Twitter.

“George Soros is controlling every democratic city criminal justice system. You know why?” Terrell asked the panel after referencing an op-ed written by Soros for The Wall Street Journal. “Because he provided the money to George Gascon, to Alvin Bragg, to Kim Fox. He’s giving them money to run their office. Democratic politicians turn their back toward crime because they are taking their marching orders from George Soros.” (RELATED: STUDY: Burglaries Drop In Areas With High Gun Permits)

“Things are gonna get worse,” Terrell noted in the clip, before alleging Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams is an example of a Soros-controlled politician. “I was on Eric Adams. He talks a good game, but he’s taking his marching orders from Soros. Every prosecutor in Democratic cities are controlled by George Soros.”