A Lovers’ Quarrel Between Two Rappers Results In A Wild Street Fight


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Rap artist Chrisean Rock took a number of swings at her on-again, off-again rapper boyfriend Blueface in the middle of a Hollywood street early Tuesday, and the bizarre fight was caught on video.

The video shows Blueface walking with his back turned to Chrisean. She proceeded to follow him and got physical with him multiple times. Camera footage captured by a passerby caught the moment Chrisean took a swing at Blueface and smacked him in the face while maintaining a firm grip on his shirt.

Chrisean seemed to be the aggressor in the video, pursuing Blueface and dragging him around for several minutes.

The physical altercation between the two rappers continued for several minutes and drew the attention of several passerby who gathered to watch the fight unfold. At one point Blueface, who seemed to be trying to distance himself from the situation up until then, took a swipe at Chrisean’s head, knocked her to the ground and appeared to rip a chain from around her neck.

Chrisean then dragged him by his shirt around the corner of a building, where Blueface threw her against the wall and appeared to deliver a few punches to her face and body. (RELATED: Rapper Mystikal Arrested For Rape, Domestic Violence)

In spite of the wild, public display of violence toward one another, an Instagram post from Blueface indicated the quarreling couple went home with each another. In the video Blueface called Chrisean a whore. He also notified fans that he had gone through Chrisean’s phone and seen conversations she was having with other men, eluding to the fact this may be what sparked the fiery fight.

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the incident, according to TMZ. The police will reportedly be interviewing Chrisean and Blueface to discuss what may have caused the altercation. Possible charges are pending, according to the outlet.