REPORT: Jeff Bezos Gets His $500 Million Yacht Towed After He Ruffled Feathers In The Netherlands


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Officials in Rotterdam, Netherlands, reportedly towed Jeff Bezos’ $500 million super yacht Wednesday morning after he upset the region over the removal of a local bridge.

Bezos requested the bridge De Hef be partially dismantled and removed from the region so that his massive, expensive yacht, Y721, could make its way to sea, TMZ reported. The bridge impeded his yacht’s ability to exit the area, and Bezos was prepared to pay the bill to have the bridge removed from his path, upsetting locals, according to TMZ.

Video footage appears to show the yacht being towed by a series of smaller ships just before sunrise. Reports indicate the timing was intentional, in an effort to be low-key about the removal of the ship. The luxury vessel was hauled to a shipyard about 24 miles away, where it is currently being stored, according to TMZ. (RELATED: France Seizes Russian Energy Oligarch’s $120 Million Super-Yacht)

The 417-foot-long, three-mast vessel was being upgraded by a company called Oceanco in the vicinity of the bridge, which has landmark status in the region. Bezos had requested assistance from Oceano to appeal to the city to remove portions of De Hef to ensure sufficient clearance for his yacht, reports indicate. They have since backed down and won’t be pursuing that request, according to TMZ.

Oceano is going to build the rest of the ship at a different location and the completion date is said to have been delayed by several months, according to TMZ.