Raunchy Garlic Ad Left A Bad Taste In The Mouths Of South Korean Farmers


Kayla Ivan Contributor
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A sexually suggestive garlic ad sparked outrage among South Korean farmers, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

The 30-second ad — previously posted on the YouTube channel for Hongseong County, South Korea— shows a woman touching a man wearing a garlic head on the thigh in a promiscuous manner, according to The AP. The town is known for its local garlic, ‘Hongsan.’ During the ad, the woman calls the man ‘Hongsan,’ referring to the town’s garlic, The AP reported. (RELATED: Britain Won’t Let Company Show Commercial For Smoothies Before 9 PM Because Fruit Is Handled Too ‘Seductively’)


The woman also describes the garlic clove man as “hard” and “very thick,” making the sexual innuendos even more prominent, according to The AP.

The scene is a parody of “Once Upon A Time In High School,” a popular movie in South Korea from 2004, according to The AP.

People in the town were shocked to see the video presented on billboards, according to The AP. The Korean Peasants League and Korean Women Peasants Association said the image of garlic was now tarnished, and that the ad disrespected the hard work of the product’s farmers, The AP reported.

Hongseong officials have since removed the video from YouTube and the ad from electronic billboards, The AP reported.