‘Jeffrey Epstein With The Clintons?’: Lawyer Asks Alex Jones About Pedophilia. It Goes About How You’d Expect


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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In the course of testimony Wednesday, podcaster Alex Jones gave probably the most Alex-Jones response to a question ever.

Jones took the stand to answer questions from Sandy Hook parents’ attorney Mark Bankston on content from InfoWars pertaining to the trial’s Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, as seen in a clip shared on YouTube by the Law & Crime Channel.

“One of the things you’ve been talking about a lot recently on your show, even within the past couple of months, is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking and the grooming of children, right?” Bankston asked Jones.

“You mean like, what Jeffrey Epstein did with the Clintons?” Jones immediately responded, apparently referring to notorious convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein who reportedly had a close, personal relationship with former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary.

However, Jones appeared to be his own worst enemy while on the stand. As humorous as the response was, it appeared to play directly into Bankston’s hands. (RELATED: ‘Massaging The Hole … With My Tongue’: Alex Jones Gets Into Mouthy Altercation With Judge)

Bankston went on to ask if Jones was telling his InfoWars audience that the Judge overseeing his trial allegedly could not be trusted due to her ties to Child Protective Services (CPS). He further claimed that Jones believed CPS was involved with trafficking children, to which Jones argued that this was correct in a minor case.

You can watch the full clip below to see how the rest of it went: