Famous Rapper Kendrick Lamar Stuns Fans With His Bizarre Disappearing Stunt

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Rapper Kendrick Lamar stunned fans with his ability to magically disappear from the stage during a live performance on the Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers tour.

Lamar thrilled fans when he appeared not only to drop lyrics but also to put on a stunt as a ventriloquist and demonstrate his skills as a magician, TMZ reported Thursday. He wowed the crowd by pulling off an incredible stunt when he seemingly vanished right before their eyes, as seen in a video posted to YouTube.

Fans were surprised to see him taking on magic tricks in the first place but were even more stunned when his disappearing act truly baffled everyone that was taking in the show. Nobody can seem to figure out just how he did it.

A short video clip shows Lamar standing on stage while holding a puppet. He proceeded to spit out some lyrics at a very fast pace while standing in one spot on the dark stage. Without pausing even for a short breath, he suddenly vanished into thin air and left an empty space in the spot where he had been standing just moments before, according to the video.

There was no lead-up to the rapper’s sudden disappearance and, judging by the reactions of the fans, they had no idea what or how happened. The crowd could be heard letting out gasps and sighs of shock as they looked on at the empty stage in seeming disbelief. (RELATED: Ed Harris Says ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Jet Stunt ‘Blew The Roof Off The Guard Station’)


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Amid the attention and intrigue surrounding this magic trick, Lamar flooded his Instagram page, which had previously been stagnant for some time, with photos. Fans are showing him lots of online love.

His shows run through August and September, so fans are likely to get another chance to witness his tricks, according to TMZ.