‘A Very Good Day For Donald Trump’: Alyssa Farah Griffin Says The DOJ May Have ‘Handed’ Trump 2024 After Raid


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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CNN commentator Alyssa Farah Griffin said Tuesday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence may aid a potential 2024 presidential run.

The former White House director of strategic communications under Trump appeared on CNN’s “New Day” panel discussing the political impacts of the unannounced raid.

“This, I’m hoping, goes beyond simply not complying with some archiving laws or [the Department of Justice (DOJ)] just handed Donald Trump the Republican nominee and potentially the presidency,” Griffin said on the panel. (RELATED: REPORT: ‘The View’ Names Alyssa Farah Griffin As Permanent Co-Host)

“If it’s seen as some sort of massive overreach and not something incredibly serious this is a very good day for Donald Trump,” she added, also stating that the former president “knows how to play this up in this favor” since he broke the news himself.

The FBI executed a search warrant on Trump’s Florida residence Mar-a-Lago Monday night. The raid was reportedly in connection with an investigation regarding 15 boxes containing classified documents that were taken when he left the White House in 2020, according to the Washington Post.

“Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before,” Trump said in a statement following the raid, also calling the search “prosecutorial misconduct” and “the weaponization of the Justice System.”

A Federal appeals court also recently granted the House Ways and Means Committee access to President Donald Trump’s tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The ruling came as House Democrats continue to investigate whether Trump accepted payments from foreign governments while in office, as well as auditing a lease granted for a Trump-based business in Washington, D.C. during his tenure, according to NBC News.