Los Angeles Unified School District Promotes Video Linking To Partially Nude ‘Non-Binary’ Person


Chrissy Clark Contributor
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An Instagram account for the largest public school district in California featured a video that linked to pictures of a partially nude “non-binary” person, according to screen recordings taken by a parental rights activist.

Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) Human Relations, Diversity & Equity Instagram account featured a video of “non-binary” activist Addison Vincent, a biological man who uses “they/them” pronouns. The video was created by Blair Imani, the founder of the social justice-inspired video series “Smarter in Seconds.”

The video used for LAUSD provides a pronoun introduction from Vincent and Imani. The video then claims it is rude for people to assume an individual’s gender, even when it is obvious.

“Gender is an array of mental and behavioral characteristics … that relate to, differentiate from and go beyond understandings of neutrality, femininity, and masculinity,” Imani said in the video.

“You don’t actually need to know someone’s gender identity — so make a habit of recognizing that your curiosity doesn’t entitle you to personal information,” she continued.

The duo claimed that misgendering someone could lead to mental health issues.

The video linked to Vincent’s personal Instagram account, which is rife with sexual, partially-nude photos, the Post Millennial reported. Imani encouraged her followers to check out Vincent’s “absolutely gorgeous boudoir photos,” as well.

Vincent notably appeared on the Dr. Phil Show, wherein Vincent and The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh went toe-to-toe over the definition of “woman,” the PM noted.

LAUSD promotes a litany of other LGBTQ+ resources, according to multiple reports. Most recently, the district provided a “Queer All School Year” calendar to educators to help craft year-round LGBTQ+ lessons and training sessions. (RELATED: Los Angeles School District Provides ‘Queer All School Year’ Calendar For Year-Round LGBT Lessons)

Nicole Neily, the president and co-founder of the concerned parent organization Parents Defending Education, told the Daily Caller that district administrators should shift their focus to providing students with a high-quality education.

“LAUSD has an elementary school math proficiency rate of 36%, which drops to 27% in middle school and 23% in high school — while reading proficiency is 43%, 37%, and 49%, respectively,” Neily said. “Perhaps district administrators should refocus their attention into actually providing students with the knowledge and skills that they will need to thrive in life, and not waste finite district resources on unrelated topics that likely clash with many families’ beliefs and values.”

The Daily Caller reached out to the Los Angeles Unified School District for comment.