Scarborough Says Out Loud That Police Exist To Bring His Political Opponents ‘To Justice’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough lashed out at Fox News and other critics of the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home.

Authorities raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence Monday evening. Some observers have criticized and condemned the move as political and partisan. But Scarborough called Trump’s defenders and the raid’s detractors “fascists.”

“You know why? Because they’re fascists. Like people that are making the threats, the people that helped Donald Trump on January 6th, the people that were talking about coming to D.C., that it was going to be crazy, that it was going to be wild, they were going to charge because they’re fascists. And so they’re making fascist threats. And we need to do what the United States has always done,” the former congressman said. “We need to confront fascism and defeat it.”

“So everybody that’s freaking out over fascists being fascists. Well, guess what? That’s what fascists do! That’s why we have law enforcement, to actually bring fascists to justice. So please don’t run around with your hair on fire and say, ‘Oh, my God, we can’t actually enforce the laws of our land. We can’t actually protect classified documents because fascists may get upset on a TV show!”

“That’s what they do!”

Scarborough then took aim at Fox News and its guests, who he alleges have stirred up hysteria.

“The fact that people are, weak people are running around going, ‘oh, what are we going to do? They’re saying ugly things on Fox News.’ Like, what do you expect? Like, this guy is going to be brought to justice. He’s broken the law. Everybody knows that. So why are they freaking out?” (RELATED: Trump Supporters Line Streets Of Mar-A-Lago To Show Support)


Trump said Monday that his Mar-a-Lago residence was raided by the FBI, calling the raid “prosecutorial misconduct.”

Right-leaning media pundits lashed out at the raid, with Fox’s Dan Bongino calling it “some third world bullshit.”

“This is a freaking disgrace. A disgrace,” Bongino said on Fox News on Monday night. “We don’t live in Cuba. We don’t live under Kim Jong-Un. We live in a constitutional republic.”

The Department of Justice is investigating the possible mishandling of documents after 15 boxes of White House documents ended up at Mar-a-Lago, with The Washington Post reporting some of the documents were classified.