‘Loaded Off Morphine’: Angus Cloud From Hit HBO Show ‘Euphoria’ Reveals How He Got That Wicked Scar

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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“Euphoria” actor Angus Cloud recently revealed that the cause of the gnarly scar on his head was a serious broken skull injury he suffered in 2013.

“I broke my skull on Friday the 13th,” the actor said according to Variety. “It’s real,” he said to anyone wondering if the scar was manufactured for the sake of his drug-dealing character on the show, Fezco. Cloud recalled the day of his injury when he separated from his group of friends and wandered into a construction pit that wasn’t visible to him at the time. “I woke up 12 hours later at the bottom,” Cloud said.

Cloud went on to describe his harrowing ordeal. “I was trapped. I eventually climbed out after — I don’t know how long,” he said to Variety. “It was hella hard to climb out, because my skull was broken, but my skin wasn’t, so all the bleeding was internal, pressing up against my brain,” he said. “But they wasn’t gonna find me down there. I found myself. Or God found me, whatever you want to call it,” the actor described to the outlet.

Aside from the very serious head injury, Cloud suffered several broken fingers, which complicated his efforts to escape from the nearly 10 foot deep ditch, according to Variety. “But I didn’t feel no pain,” he says. “I was in survival mode, you feel me?” He described having blurry vision, pulling himself out of the hole and onto a nearby bus which he rode to his mother’s house. (RELATED: Former ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Star Denise Dowse In Coma Due To Meningitis)

Cloud went on to credit his mother for saving him by not allowing him to sleep. She acted quickly and rushed him to a children’s hospital after having watched him vomit mouthfuls of blood, according to Variety.

“They cut my head open, they put some screws and a plate over where I broke my skull,” Cloud said as he recalled the experience to the outlet. His recovery process included five days in the ICU where he says he was “loaded off morphine.”

Cloud says he’s fine now and claims not to suffer any residual effects from this injury. “I’m so blessed to just have minor brain damage. You know, it’s so minor it ain’t even really worth speaking about,” Cloud said to Variety.