Fox News Is Going Deep Into Abductions, UFOs, And Conspiracies With Two Huge Shows


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Fox Nation is promoting two shows that promise a deep-dive into UFOs, alien abductions and conspiracies — and they both look chilling.

The first of Fox’s new alien shows, the aptly named “Alien Abductions,” is hosted by Abby Hornacek. The series follows her travels across the U.S. to visit people and places connected to the world of alien abductions, according to the show’s IMDb page. At least one of the episodes features the story of George Van Tassel, considered one of the first people to make contact with alien life, Fox News reported.

Things caught my attention when they mentioned Van Tassel’s journey to Landers, California. Situated just up the road from the iconic Joshua Tree National Park (one of the only places I’ve ever seen something in the sky that I couldn’t explain), Landers is renowned among locals as a UFO hotspot.

Things only got crazier in the trailer after learning about The Integratron, the strangest place I’ve ever visited. Or, should I say, the strangest place I’ve experienced.

Billed as a time machine and healing device, The Integratron, which you can still visit today, was Van Tassel’s brainchild. When I visited The Integratron, I took part in one of their sound baths. As I lay there taking in the experience, I had no idea the place was founded upon a close encounter with the fourth kind.

If you’re looking to learn more about Van Tassel, The Integratron and all the insane stuff that goes on in the California desert, I highly recommend at least checking out the trailer for “Alien Abductions.” Having had some pretty strange times in the area myself, it’s nice to see at least one non-wacky telling of this story.

Up next is the “Unsealed Alien Files,” which doesn’t look quite as unique as the first in the new “Fox Files” vibe the network is going for. It may also just be a redo of an old Fox show from the last decade, but that doesn’t take away from its relevance today.

The Nazi and UFO episode was pretty cheesy, featuring most of the stereotypical alien show vibes. However, things got creepy on the episode “Alien Implants.” The show uses real stories and footage of surgeon Dr. Roger Leir removing foreign objects from patients.

Those foreign objects are believed to be implanted by aliens. Needless to say, you must see it to believe it. (RELATED: ‘Sex Offenders And Dentists’: X Files Star David Duchovny Has Wild Theory About UFOs)

The turn towards this type of content, promoted as “The Fox Files,” is an exciting step for UFO, alien and conspiracy junkies. With the creation of a new Pentagon office to investigate UFO/UAP and demands from Congress for disclosure of its findings, we may be about to enter a new chapter in our understanding of the universe… and those we share it with.