Lady Gaga Gets Hit In The Head During Toronto Concert


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Video footage captured by a fan shows the moment someone in the crowd threw something at Lady Gaga’s head during her Aug. 6 concert in Toronto.

A flying object launched by a concertgoer hit Lady Gaga in the head during her “The Chromatica Ball” tour. The singer was entertaining the crowd and in the middle of belting out the lyrics for “Hold My Hand” when suddenly a large object flew toward her head. Gaga continued performing as if nothing had happened, according to video footage.

It’s becoming habitual for items to be thrown at Lady Gaga during her live performances. This time, the incident unfolded in Toronto, where a fan named Jo Shelton said the artist dismissed the incident entirely and went on with the show. Shelton said Gaga was “so passionately into that performance there was nothing that was going to stop her. She carried on like a complete professional,” according to an interview with Fox News.

Shelton captured the moment the object made contact with Gaga’s head, and went on to say the flying object somehow made it between Gaga and the front of the crowd despite an invisible barrier installed to protect Gaga from incidents of this nature.(RELATED: Dua Lipa Fans Launch Fireworks During Indoor Concert, Causing Injuries)

“I only wanted to share this with other fans to discourage people from throwing things on stage because no matter how well intentioned you are, you can never predict where something will land when thrown,” Shelton said, according to Fox News.

A fan tossed something at Gaga during her July 17 concert in Germany, but in that instance, the item bounced off the protective barrier and didn’t penetrate it or make physical contact with her, according to Newsweek.