Saudi Businessman Collapses Mid-Speech, Later Dies

[Screenshot Twitter AbdullahElshrif]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A Saudi businessman collapsed in the middle of his speech Monday while speaking in Egypt and later died, video footage shows.

Saudi businessman and chairman of the board of Al-Salam Holding Company, Muhammad Al-Qahtani, was speaking at the Arab African Conference in Cairo when he seemed to lose consciousness mid-speech and fall over.

Al-Qahtani was praising President of the Emirates Mohammed bin Zayed, calling him a “dean of humanity and a man of peace” just before collapsing, according to Arabi21, which was cited by

Video footage shows Al-Qahtani speaking as others in the room applaud him. Suddenly Al-Qahtani appears to sway backwards before falling over. The video then cuts short.

Egyptian YouTuber Abdullah Elshrif wrote that security guards took Al-Qahtani to a separate room where he then died, reported. (RELATED: Nigerian Student Reportedly Dies During A Reenactment Of Jesus’ Crucifixion)

It remains unclear why Al-Qahtani collapsed and subsequently died.