It Took An Army Of People To Keep 63-Year-Old Madonna Upright On Roller Skates At NYC Disco Party


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Video footage shows some awkward moments as 63-year-old Madonna relied on the efforts of an entire army of people to keep her upright on roller skates during a party.

The video posted by TMZ shows the famous singer with her arms outstretched holding on to her support crew. The music icon was looking pretty shaky on the roller skates and needed the help of a sizable entourage for the duration of the clips. People were beside her, behind her, and buzzing all around her, making it painfully evident that she required a whole lot of help to stay on her feet. At one point one of Madonna’s children even lent a hand, nervously following behind her, with her hands out and ready to jump in for the rescue.

The beginning of the video set the tone for how the rest of the rollerblading party unfolded. It started with Madonna’s glam squad surrounding the star. A makeup artist can be seen blotting her forehead with a brush, while two others worked diligently to secure the roller skates to her feet.

A short clip showed Madonna speaking into a microphone as she addressed the crowd at the event. The star and another speaker then joked that the crowd planned to fall alongside her if she happened to take a tumble. Madonna then said, “Oh is that how it works? If I fall, you fall?” (RELATED: Madonna Just Released Nude NFTs And A 3D Version Of Her Vagina)


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Toward the end of the video a man had his arm wrapped around Madonna’s waist as she bravely danced up a storm while still wearing her roller skates.

As awkward as it was to watch her struggle on those rollerblades, it’s not everyday that a 63-year-old is bold enough to give this a try. Credit goes to Madonna for her confident efforts.