Dear Kay: My Therapist Says I’m Discriminating Against Pedophiles When I Describe My Trauma. Is She Right?


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Dear Kay: During our last session, my therapist told me that my hatred, fear, and trauma surrounding pedophiles is technically a form of discrimination against what she calls “minor attracted people.” Is she right? — Sincerely, Confused Critical Thinker

Dear Critical Thinker,

In short, report this crazy bitch and get a new therapist. She is not right. This person is clearly trying to normalize the abuse of children and the mindset some vile people hold toward the sexualization of the most vulnerable.

It’s probably because of all these monsters posting about calling pedophiles “minor attracted people” online, as if this demographic of evil suddenly needs to be rebranded.

There is no place for pedophiles in modern society, and those who support their existence are part of the problem. This new trend of “woke” educators, counselors, and others trying to shift the narrative from “pedophile” to describe people who like to sexually abuse children to “minor attracted people” is arguably one of the greatest evils the world has ever known, ranked alongside atrocities like genocide.

The single most important role any adult human is automatically entrusted with is the protection of younger generations. How anyone can justify choosing the side of those who abuse children or help perpetuate abuse through use of child pornography is actually quite beyond me.

Accepting those who are sexually attracted to children as a discriminated demographic is similar to enabling children to be abused. It’s truly disgusting to think that there are active campaigns to normalize this group of monsters, especially given how prevalent the problem of child sexual abuse really is in the U.S.

Pedophiles aren’t discriminated against at all. In fact, the opposite is true. The data proves that pedophiles are the most prolific and under-policed population of violent criminals in the U.S. The average adolescent sex offender will commit an average of 380 sex crimes during their lifetime if no one intervenes, according to the Crime Victim Center.

Your therapist’s opinion is not only morally wrong, it’s literally wrong. In no way, shape, or form are you discriminating against them in your completely justified and very normal hated of this demographic.

The frequency at which pedophiles commit their vile, intrinsically driven crime has meant that there are 42 million victims of child sexual assault in the U.S. today, according to Screen and Reveal. If anything, you are part of the discriminated demographic as there are so many people like you who never receive the help required to get through this trauma.

What I want to ensure is that you do not feel alone in your confusion toward your therapist’s statements. While your therapist may be playing into a revolting narrative that is attempting to normalize child sexual abuse, what she’s actually done is admit that she has more psychological problems than her clients.

Your therapist should be fired immediately for her statements and all of her accreditations should be revoked for reinforcing the trauma inflicted upon you by someone who should be removed from society indefinitely. (RELATED: ‘Pedo Pete’: Massive 4Chan Hack Of Hunter Biden’s Explicit Texts, Images, Videos Rocks The Internet)

There is a special place in Hell for her and anyone else who advocates for the rights of abusers over the rights of their victims. Oh, and if you’re reading this and disagree with any of the statements made against pedophiles, please feel free to let me know via social media so I can let everyone know what scum you are.

I will never advocate for violence, death, or destruction, but pedophiles are the #1 reason for child sex trafficking, child pornography, and a lifetime of trauma for the abused. A pedophile, whether they’ve physically abused a child or used child pornography, will not experience a single personal negative as a result of their crime (unless they’re arrested, which most aren’t). By acting on their urges, pedophiles are receiving gratification while inflicting an eternal trauma on a young person before their minds can comprehend what is happening.

Of those who are convicted of either physical or online crimes against children, they’re four times more likely to get rearrested for a sex crime if they’re released from prison, begging the question: why do we release them in the first place?

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