REPORT: Police Say Actress Anne Heche Was Under Influence Of Cocaine At Time Of Fiery Car Crash

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Law enforcement sources told TMZ on Thursday that actress Anne Heche was under the influence of cocaine and possibly fentanyl when she crashed into a home Aug. 5.

Heche suffered severe burns after driving her vehicle into a private home in Los Angeles earlier in August. Her vehicle hit the property so heavily that it immediately burst into flames, rendering the home “uninhabitable” for its current resident. The actress lost consciousness and slipped into a coma shortly after the incident, and she has yet to wake up.

Reports initially suggested Heche was under the influence of vodka and wine at the time of the crash, as she was seen driving erratically in the moments before the incident, according to the New York Post. Sources told TMZ on Thursday that Heche was not under the influence of alcohol when she crashed her car, but rather cocaine and possibly fentanyl.

The Los Angeles Police Department tested Heche’s blood after she was admitted to a local hospital. The test revealed cocaine and fentanyl in her system, TMZ reported. It’s unclear whether the fentanyl was in her system at the time of the crash, as it is often used in a hospital setting and may have been administered after the crash, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Police Say Six Spring Breakers Suffered Cardiac Arrest In Front Yard After Ingesting Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine)

Sources say Heche’s condition has not improved since she was admitted to hospital, TMZ noted. She remains in critical condition.