Nothing Says Ukraine Is F*cked More Than A Washed-Up Steven Seagal Hitting The Battlefield

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Steven Seagal posed in front of a Russian jail looking completely washed up and haggard Tuesday, triggering Pro-Ukraine individuals and organizations to suggest he needs to be tossed to the curb.

The photograph depicts Seagal posing like a tough guy against the backdrop of a notoriously dangerous prison site. The actor, who has been a special representative for Russia’s foreign ministry since 2018, was in Ukraine to take part in a Russian documentary promoting Kremlin talking points, Insider reported.

The idea that Seagal would put on such a display of ruggedness is shocking to those who recall that he crumbled when the mob came after him in 2002. For those who need a nudge on the topic, Anthony “Sonny” Ciccone and Primo Cassarino coerced him into a vehicle and swindled hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the star without even having to rough him up.

Playing a tough guy in the movies didn’t exactly translate well for Seagal in real life. (RELATED: Ukraine Got Mad At CBS, So The Network Deleted A Documentary)

Cancel culture is a real thing and it’s coming after Seagal in a big way after his pro-Russia publicity move. His tasteless pose in front a prison site where roughly 50 lives were taken has managed to piss off quite a few people. NOVA Ukraine, a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding Ukrainians amid the Russian invasion, has taken particular issue with this image. They’re among many who feel this is the point of no return for the actor, TMZ noted.

There once was a time when Seagal was so hot in the entertainment industry that he could do no harm. This is not that time. The actor arguably hasn’t released any movies of great significance since “Exit Wounds” came out in 2001. Posing in a Russian propaganda piece is not an award-winning move for the actor.

NOVA pushed back against Seagal’s photograph and lashed out at the actor, saying this is a “reprehensible example of how when your career is already tarnished some of us scrape to the lowest levels of Earth to claw back any relevancy, even being paraded around by dictators who oppose the U.S.,” according to TMZ.

Representatives for the organization also suggested those who pledge support for Russia deserve to have their sponsorships stripped from them. They suggested cancel culture should take over and put the final nail in Seagal’s acting coffin, TMZ added.

Michael Capponi, president of the Global Empowerment Mission, a second group working to aid Ukraine, claimed Seagal is acting as a “pawn for Putin,” and believes Putin gave Seagal express consent and access to shoot at the jail, according to TMZ.