Video Shows Bee Flying Straight Into Canadian Politician’s Mouth Mid-Speech

Screenshot/YouTube/Global News

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Ontario Premier Doug Ford swallowed a bee during a live press conference Friday in Dundalk, Canada — and social media is “buzzing” over the bizarre moment.

Cameras rolled while Ford discussed the current status of healthcare in Ontario. As he delivered his speech, a bee was visibly buzzing around his head. He seemed to ignore it at first, then started flinching and tried to flick it away. Suddenly, he made a choking sound as the bee flew straight into his mouth mid-sentence. Ford shoved his fingers into his mouth before saying, “Holy Christ! I just swallowed a bee!”

Ford coughed into the microphone and looked visibly surprised by what transpired before adding his own comedic twist to the already funny situation. “I’m good, he’s down there buzzing around right now,” Ford joked.

He then cracked a few more funnies apparently about his physique, saying “he has a lot of real estate,” while pointing at his stomach.

Realizing the hilarity of what just happened, Ford predicted the video of the incident would go viral on social media. “This is going to be replayed over and over again,” he quipped, describing the incident as “classic.” (RELATED: California Court Declares Bees Are Actually Fish)

Premier Ford kept laughing and took a quick swig of water before attempting to regain his composure. He continued to take questions from reporters, but the bee had other plans, and kept bothering him.

“He’s wedged in my throat, sorry guys,” Ford said, while touching his neck. “Little bugger got away in there.”

Ford remained at the podium to deliver his healthcare speech, but periodically stopped to address the bee making its way through his system, eventually telling reporters he would have it removed in the hospital, according to CTV News Toronto.

Hopefully the healthcare system he was speaking of will offer him the assistance he needs with that bee…