Bouncer In Crimea Jailed For Having Sex With Random Woman In Front Of Nightclub Patrons


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A bouncer in Crimea was jailed Wednesday after video surfaced of him having sex with a female patron on top of a bar inside a busy nightclub.

The X-rated romp was filmed by a club patron in Sevastopol Monday hours before a series of explosions erupted at a nearby Russian airfield, according to the New York Post. The video, shared by the NY Post, shows the bouncer behind the woman as she hangs onto the ceiling for stability.

The bouncer keeps his denim pants on throughout the interaction, as seen in the footage shared by the NY Post. One man can be seen filming as the pair laughed and smiled into the phone camera while continuing to have intercourse. The woman then turned around and performed oral sex on the bouncer as onlookers continued to watch and film the interaction.

Police reportedly caught wind of the interaction after the videos were shared online, the NY Post continued. The Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia announced Wednesday that law enforcement quickly identified the man as a 32-year-old bouncer at the establishment in question, the outlet reported.

The bouncer was subsequently placed into “administrative detention” where he’ll remain for 14 days, according to the NY Post. The woman remains at large, though police announced that are also looking to identify her whereabouts, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Dear Kay: I’m A Liberal Woman Who Is Deeply Attracted To Conservative Men. Why?)

Public sex is illegal in Crimea, which became part of Russia in 2014, the NY Post noted. The act is punishable by fifteen days in jail and a small fee, according to the outlet.