German Climate Minister Robert Habeck Advises Citizens To Take Shorter Showers To Ration Energy

(Photo by Christian Spicker / AFP)

Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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German Economy Minister Robert Habeck advised citizens to take shorter showers, saying he does the same, while announcing new plans to conserve energy in the country Friday.

The recommendation is part of sweeping proposals announced by the minister that include limiting heating in public buildings in winter and turning some lights off at night, DW reported. The measures will be in effect for six months. (RELATED: Germany Now ‘Hostage’ To Putin After US Poured Billions Into Defending It From Russia)

“Public properties, with the exception of hospitals and other parts of the social system, of course, will only be heated to 19 degrees Celsius [66 degrees Fahrenheit],” Habeck said.

Habeck previously said he had to “drastically reduce” his shower time due to Germany’s energy crisis in June. His quick showers are something he is quite proud of, as he reportedly laughed off the idea that reducing a shower from 10 to 5 minutes is extreme, saying, “I’ve never showered for five minutes in my life.”

Germany’s energy crisis is said to be caused by Russia cutting supplies to Germany after Berlin canceled the Nord Stream 2 pipeline due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, DW noted.