‘Promote Politics On Your Own Time’: Parents In Arizona Unveil ‘School Board Expectations’ List For New School Year


Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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An Arizona school district sent children home with a “Classroom Expectations” sheet, which then prompted parents to submit their expectations for the school board at an Aug. 10 meeting, one mother told the Daily Caller.

Jennifer Alvey, speaking on behalf of nearly 2,000 parents, told the Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) governing board during a Wednesday meeting that parents crafted a “School Board Expectations” list for the upcoming school year. The school board expectations sheet is a riff on a “Classroom Expectations” sheet that parents receive each year to help their kids “succeed in the classroom.”

Alvey provided the board with a two-week notice to announce that it intends to abide by the expectations, or offer suggestions and amendments.

“Should CUSD leadership not communicate further with me on this issue, then I and my fellow parents will assume that all these standards are agreeable to CUSD — and will also see a breach of trust happening from the district, should they be broken,” Alvey said.

Parents crafted seven “expectations” for the district, many of which call for increased transparency and accountability. The school board reportedly broke the trust of many parents after financing training for a critical race theory-adjacent program for educators called “Deep Equity.”

The first expectation calls for all materials “purchased or produced” by the district to “be available for public review upon request, within a reasonable amount of time.” Another expectation claims that the district makes it difficult for parents to review curriculum, as parents must come in person to review the material. (RELATED: School District Charged Parent Group More Than $45,000 For Public Records Request)

Alvey said that if “technology and distance learning” was good enough for students during COVID, the “same technological accommodation should therefore be extended to parents for review and receipt of requested CUSD materials.”

Parents requested that the district not sic law enforcement on them improperly, after the school board coordinated with law enforcement to spy on parents. In November, CUSD’s governing board enlisted police in identifying and spying on unmasked parents at school board meetings.

Other expectations included more transparency on students’ technology usage, calling on the district to increase accommodations for students with learning disabilities, and the general depoliticization of the classroom.

Chandler Unified School District’s Governing Board did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.