Insane Brawl Breaks Out Between Airline Employee And Female Passenger

[Screenshot Twitter DTX Daily]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A Spirit Airlines employee has been suspended after a wild brawl with a traveler got out of hand at DFW International Airport on Thursday.

The chaotic scene unfolded over issues with seating on a flight, Fox Dallas reported. The Spirit employee reportedly told airport police the woman complained that there was not a seat for her on the plane and he told her to get in line with a gate agent. The woman reportedly refused to comply and cut in front of other customers.

The supervisor then tried to take away her boarding pass, according to Fox Dallas.

Video footage shows the unidentified employee arguing with a female passenger who appeared to wave her hands in front of the employee’s face.

“Don’t touch me,” the employee can be heard saying. “You touched me first.”

The woman then begins screaming at the attendant before shoving him backward. A bystander appears to step in and tries to back the employee up, but the woman calls him a “dumb ass n***a” before reaching around the bystander and slapping the employee in the face.

Suddenly the employee lunges forward and topples over the female before gaining his footing and slapping her.

The woman can be seen running away while several bystanders jump in and hold the employee back. The employee is then seen walking toward the female before another bystander stops him.