Shocking Video Shows Man Wrestling Shark On New York Beach


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Shocking video has surfaced online showing a man wrestling a shark on a beach in New York Sunday, and it’s something you’ll have to see to believe.

The video was captured at Smith Point Beach on Fire Island, which has been the location of two reported shark attacks in July, according to The New York Post. The footage shows the man pulling and yanking the shark several feet by its flipper before bringing it on the beach.

Emily Murray, who filmed the encounter, told the Post that she was out for a walk when she noticed the man struggling to drag the shark. The shark thrashed and resisted the man’s efforts, but the man refused to quit, and kept putting up his part of the struggle. She could be heard screaming “Holy shit!” as she recorded the epic moment, the outlet reported.

“He [the man] had been fishing and caught the shark by accident,” Murray said, according to The New York Post. “He was attempting to unhook it and cut it free.”

A photo taken by another onlooker shows a group of people filming the shark as two men attempt to unhook the creature, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Massive Shark Spotted Charging Towards A Beach In Scary Viral Video)

The creature is believed to be a sand ocean shark, which typically doesn’t pose a threat or danger to humans unless it is provoked, according to the Post.

The shark was reportedly unhooked and was released by to the water, according to The New York Post.