Let’s Be Totally Honest: The ‘Most Spectacular’ UFO Photo Ever Is Probably Fake


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A photograph circulating online of a UFO reportedly seen in Scotland in August 1990 is probably fake, but the stories surrounding it are fascinating and fun.

The story begins with two men hiking somewhere in the Scottish countryside near the town of Calvine when they saw a massive, diamond-shaped UFO hovering around above them, according to The Breakfast Club. The men apparently hid in nearby shrubs as they watched Royal Air Force fighter jets flying around, one of which circled back to inspect the alien craft, the outlet continued.

The men took six photographs of the craft before it disappeared, according to the Breakfast Club. The men apparently took those photographs to a Scottish news outlet and the paper sent the images to the Ministry of Defense (MoD), but the photos, and the men, magically disappeared, the outlet claimed.

However, one photo recently surfaced with an MoD insider calling it “the most spectacular UFO picture ever taken” and “the Holy Grail in terms of hard evidence that these things really exist,” according to Mail Plus, who published the image.

“I have been for waiting for someone to contact about this for more than 30 years,” retired RAF officer Craig Lindsay, the first man to apparently speak to the Scottish photography duo, told Mail Plus. Lindsay stashed a single copy of the photograph in his desk before Whithall ordered every copy, including the negatives, be sent to MOD offices in London, the outlet continued.

Amazing story, right? Even podcaster Joe Rogan tweeted about it because it’s so wild. Is it real though?

While I don’t want to pour water on what might be a legitimate photograph, there are some questions here. First, why does this photograph look like it was taken when cameras were first invented? My great grandfather took photographs like this in the 1920s and 1930s. (RELATED: ‘Sex Offenders And Dentists’: X Files Star David Duchovny Has Wild Theory About UFOs)

More than that, it’s suspect that the two men have never come forward. The MOD is keeping their identities a secret until 2076, Mail Plus noted, because governments love keeping secrets for arbitrary amounts of time, or something like that.

I would love for this story to be true. I would love for these photographs to be real. Perhaps I’ve spent so long covering UFO stories that I really need to see these things for myself to truly believe and the problem here is me. You tell me.