Family Goes Wild In Stands As Mets Player Brett Baty Gets Home Run On His First Swing In The Majors


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The family of New York Mets player Brett Baty went wild in the stands after he hit a home run during his first career plate appearance for the team Wednesday night.

On his first ever swing as part of the New York Mets, the 22-year-old connected with a hanging curve during a game against the Atlanta Braves, according to ESPN. Footage of the family absolutely losing it after Baty hit the home run was shared on Twitter by the team’s official account.

“I was just looking for a pitch I could drive,” Baty said, according to ESPN. “He left one over the plate.”

During the pregame, he apparently said that his mother, father, sister, and a number of other relatives had flown out to Atlanta for Baty’s huge debut, ESPN continued. “To look up (in the stands) and see my family up there, to celebrate in the dugout with my teammates, it’s just pure joy,” Baty said.

Baty also sent his mother an “I love you” hand signal as he rounded the bases, which she reportedly returned “emphatically,” according to New York Post. “We always used to call him Brett the Met,” his mother said. Baty, who grew up in Austin, Texas, was drafted by the Mets in 2019. (RELATED: Morgan Wallen Pays For Little Leaguers To Attend World Series, And Their Thank-You Is Adorable)

Baty came up with a runner aboard while the team was slightly ahead at 2-0 in the second inning, ESPN noted. The Mets went on to beat the Braves 9-7 during the Wednesday night game, breaking Atlanta’s eight-game streak of wins.