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US Officials Approved 94% Of Tech Exports To China In 2020

(Photo by Leo RAMIREZ / AFP)

Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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The U.S. approves nearly all semiconductors, aerospace components, artificial-intelligence technology and other technology items exported to China, according to Commerce Department data analyzed by the Wall Street Journal.

The U.S. approved 94%, amounting to 2,652, of technology exports to China in 2020, according to the data. In 2021, 88% of tech exports were approved. Of the $125 billion worth of exports the US sends to China, officials require a license for only half a percent.

Amid concerns that China is building up a powerful arsenal of advanced technologies, Congress passed, and President Joe Biden signed, a bill that included $52 billion in domestic semiconductor manufacturing, and $200 billion in tech research. (RELATED: CCP-Linked TikTok To Crack Down On Election ‘Misinformation’, Partners With US Gov)

Overseas orders from China for semiconductors rose by 58% in 2021, Bloomberg reported. China is spending $150 billion by 2030 on production of semiconductors. China is the world’s largest chip manufacturer.

Steve Coonen, the Pentagon’s former top China export-control analyst, reportedly resigned due to America’s lax policy on trading with China.

“I have no problem trading with or feeding China,” he said in an email announcing his resignation, according to the WSJ. “I have a huge problem with arming China.”

The Chineses Communist Party’s (CCP) ties to the U.S. government run deep. An exclusive report from the Daily Caller News Foundation found that several CCP members were employed by a think tank formerly headed by Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns. Between February 2015 and November 2021, Burns’ think tank employed at least 20 policy experts who were CCP members.