Chipotle Signals With New Product That It Knows People Are Stealing Soda Fountain Drinks

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Kayla Ivan Contributor
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Chipotle launched a new product inspired by beverage theft, according to a Tuesday press release from the fast food chain.

The product features a lemonade-scented candle inside the chain’s signature water cup. The cup has become a social media meme after not-so-honest customers have admitted to putting other drinks (such as lemonade) into these free water cups. The product pokes fun at this practice, according to Chris Brandt, Chipotle’s chief marketing officer, within the press release.

“Some Chipotle fans have been known to ‘accidentally’ fill their complimentary water cups with lemonade at the restaurant’s beverage station,” the release states.

With this playful product, Chipotle knows exactly what some sneaky customers are doing when asking for a free cup.

The “Water” Cup Candle dropped on Thursday on and is currently sold out. The candles are sold for $28 each with free shipping and come with a coupon to redeem one free regular fountain drink in store or on mobile apps. (RELATED: Burger King Adds Three New Twists To Its Signature Whopper)

Chipotle has referenced beverage theft on social media in the past, on platforms like Twitter and Reddit, embracing the memes from the chain’s fans.

The fast food chain is no stranger to turning memes and online conversations into products that sell, launching “Cilantro Soap” in December 2021 after some customers complained that cilantro had a soapy flavor.

“Social is the premier destination for us to listen to and engage with our superfans” the release stated. “When they see these lighthearted tributes to social chatter and fan behavior, they feel even more connected to Chipotle.”